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Chris Dale Press Release

In the News

Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back.  During COVID, I decided to take the opportunity hone my personal and professional skillset with formal education and scientific theory.  I liken the experience to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, but focusing on the emotional side of money.  I am not only a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, but a Certified Financial Transitionist®. Pretty stoked about the accomplishment and more importantly helping clients.  See below for some of the formalities and a link to the Press Release…   


“As a Certified Financial Transitionist®, I understand human transitions on their deepest levels. I know what influences the way we think and act when our world has suddenly and irrevocably changed. I’m able to identify when a transition is going well, and I have tools to further enhance the experience. And if a client is struggling with their transition, I know how to keep them safe and help them work through their difficulties.” 

What is a Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®)?

Every person will experience at least one of the following major life transitions, and the likelihood that more than one at a time will be experienced increases with age. 

  • Inheritance
  • Loss of a parent
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Major career change
  • Retirement
  • The sale of a business
  • Insurance settlement
  • Pro sports or entertainer contract

 See the full press release here

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