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A Conversation with Someone Who Prevents Grief - Heidi Burnett


Episode 17:  A Conversation with Someone Who Prevents Grief - Heidi Burnett

Have you ever met someone that prevents grief. Well, I have.  Let me introduce you to Heidi Burnett. Heidi is the owner and founder of SwimSprout. SwimSprout’s mission is to  teach students the necessary skills and  confidence to survive an aquatic accident and build a foundation for a lifetime enjoyment of water activities. I was fortunate to meet Heidi a little over 8 years ago when my wife and I were looking for someone to give our sons the necessary skills to survive an aquatic accident. I have heard hundred of stories of swimming accidents where children did not survive as a result of not having valuable survival skills. My wife and I  did not want to be a statistic. We were both very fortunate that we learned how to swim at an early age. We have also witnessed the grief that comes with an aquatic accident as a result of an extended family member not surviving such a tragedy.

As a result of Heidi's success in business, she has reached a point where she can give back. Most recently, she has donated her time to a charity whose sole mission is to prevent aquatic accidents -The Qwentyn Hunter Luv Foundation.

Heidi is a very dynamic lady who is passionate about the great service she provides.
I consider Heidi's friendship an honor and a privilege.  

To learn more about Heidi, her business and the charity she supports see her websites.

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