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Credit Card Payoffs: Tackling the Beast in Central Florida

In the News

We were recently featured in the Orlando Sentinel Ask an Expert Column.  Christopher was asked some very common, yet important questions concerning paying off credits.  The caller had several cards with differing amounts and interest rates and wondered what was the best strategy to pay them off.      

Christopher's responses was as follows, "I would focus on paying off the cards with the highest rate first. Paying high interest prevents you from paying the actual principal in an accelerated manner. Always pay more than the minimum if possible. I would also engage the services of a nonprofit credit agency. The agency can help you negotiate rates with all of your credit-card providers and put you on a prescribed plan to pay off all cards in a defined time frame. Make sure you check out the nonprofit agency with the Better Business Bureau."

For more information or a direct link to the article, see the link below.