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Certified Divorce Coach-Debra Doak, CDC®, CDFA®


Season 6 - Episode 8: Certified Divorce Coach-Debra Doak, CDC®, CDFA®

Have you ever heard of a Certified Divorce Coach? I recently met and had the pleasure of interviewing Debra Doak. Debbie is a Certified Divorce Coach. She helps with those hard decisions concerning marriage, divorce, money and life.

My initial exposure to Debbie was based on a presentation she did about Financial Abuse. And boy, was I blown away with her expertise. I was simply amazed with her wealth of knowledge in regard to helping anyone making difficult decisions in terms of marriage.

I am including a link to her website - https://debradoak.com/

Debbie can also be located on Facebook and Instagram.

Debbie has published a book helping women with coping strategies considering divorce:  https://www.amazon.com/High-Conflict-Divorce-Women-Coping-Strategies/dp/1641528192/

Cheers & see you on the next episode!

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