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Debt Survivor Turned Coach, Elizabeth Ramos


Episode 38: Debt Survivor Turned Coach, Elizabeth Ramos

In week's episode, I have a special guest who has come from some very humble beginnings.  Meet Elizabeth Ramos, MBA.  Liz also holds a Master of Science in Management and Leadership.  Liz is also a Certified Master Financial Coach.  On today's episode Liz talks about her own struggles as a single mother amassing huge amounts of debt in order to support her and her son.  Her story is both unique and inspirational as she describes the emotional rollercoaster debt has brought her.  She has made the transition to the other side of massive debt in which she lives a much more peaceful life.  Liz's relatable story is a gift that helps her help many folks in similar situations.   Liz also  has a gift of tranquility when helping people through their emotional struggles with debt.

For more information, please check out Liz's website https://elizabethramos.coach.

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