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Depression Sucks; You Deserve Happiness!


Season 6 - Episode 5: Depression Sucks; You Deserve Happiness!

Depression is a subject not often talked about by men.  In this episode, I will talk about my experience with depression.  I also talk about how I identified periods in my life where I experienced depression.  With a ton of support and resources at my fingertips, I have a steady flow of positivity that helps me deal with extreme hardship and trauma.  You will hear ongoing habits that I have instilled to help me avoid emotional pitfalls that can lead to depression.  

Here are a few of the resources I mentioned on the show:

National Institute of Mental Health -- https://www.nimh.nih.gov/

Self Care Wheel -- https://olgaphoenix.com/self-care-wheel/

I hope you like this episode.  Please feel free to pass this, and any previous episode, on to your friends and family members.

Cheers and be well!

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