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Ending the Family Feud With My Brother - Real Life Tips and Tools


Episode 13: Ending the Family Feud With My Brother - Real Life Tips and Tools

As we conclude the first season of Real Talk with Life After Grief, I wanted to bring my brother on as a special guest. As many have known, my brother and I have navigated our own very personal family feud for more than 35 years. Our relationship was a complete and utter disaster for most of those 35 years. The animosity and disfunction in our relationship reached a breaking point after significant deaths in our family. With a lot of communication, acceptance and forgiveness we have repaired and mended our relationship. My wish is that this podcast gives family members in the same predicament as my brother and I hope that relationships can be completely mended and repaired. If we were able to repair our relationship, I believe that anyone can.  

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