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Fireside Chat with Fellow Life After Griever, Daniel Kopp, CFP®


Episode 23: Fireside Chat with fellow Life After Griever, Daniel Kopp, CFP®

I am really excited to have my good buddy on the podcast today, Daniel Kopp, CFP®. Daniel is a fellow Life After Griever who has made it to the other side of grief. He is the husband to Anna, father to a newborn bouncing boy, widower to Sarah and father to three children in heaven. Daniel and I share definitive paths in grief. We also share significant progress through Life After Grief. Daniel is a true inspiration from what he has gone through, and what he now does to help others through their grief.

Daniel's journey through grief, combined with his military experience, led him to the decision to become a financial planner. His unique background makes him well-suited to help widows and widowers alike in the military community.  

Daniel is also an accomplished writer and speaker.

For more on Daniel's story please see his financial website https://wisestewardshipfp.com/  

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