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Life Lessons

During the decline in my parents’ health I can honestly say that it would have been easy to say the words, “I Hate My Brother”.  We had a difference of opinion on just about everything.  I was also local and he was not, which created more friction.  I had very strong feelings in regards to who contributed more physical, emotional and financial support.

During times of heightened family stress very negative emotions and much resentment rear their ugly heads.  I liken the situation to the infamous Thanksgiving Dinner in which no one gets along.   There are some simple takeaways family members can employ to lessen the burden that comes along with caring for mom and dad.  Some of these steps involve:   communication, finances, what mom and dad want, end of life wishes and how to deal with one child who is more involved than others.   I have located an article that does a very good job addressing Family Feuds and how to prevent them when dealing with ailing parents. This certainly would have helped my brother and I. 

Fortunately for my brother and I, we were able to employ many of the strategies after the passing of our parents, which sought to repair and mend our fractured relationship. Now it is very easy for me to say, “I LOVE MY BROTHER”!  


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