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Listener Feedback - EMDR


Season 6 - Episode 7: Listener Feedback - EMDR

In this week's episode, I share some listener feedback. I was simply wowed at  the folks who reached out to me to share their trauma experiences. I was equally amazed how certain therapies, including EMDR really helped them.  

Some of the listeners I spoke to talked about the gravity of their trauma such as: abuse, molestation, death, addiction, racial trauma and many other forms of trauma. I took solace in the fact that my experience and willingness to share about my trauma normalized  experience for others.    

As this is a financial podcast, I would like to bring the aspect of finance full circle.  A certification I obtained (Certified Financial Transitionist®-CeFT®) a  few years ago has really allowed me to hone my personal and professional experience for that of my clients.  In case you are not familiar with CeFT®.  A Certified Financial Transitionist® is trained to help clients through major life events and the financial transitions that accompany them.  Basically, I am trained to incorporate the emotional side of money with the technical side and guide clients accordingly.  Often times emotions conflict with very literal functions of money.  

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Cheers and be well!

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