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Louis Van Der Merwe


Episode 47: Louis Van Der Merwe 

In today's episode, I am reaching across the globe. I am excited to interview a like minded financial professional all the way from South Africa. Please meet Louis Van Der Merwe.  Louis  a fellow Certified Financial Transitionist® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Podcaster, Financial Planner, husband and  father.

Louis is unique in his practice as he specializes in working with clients who lost parents through death or divorce.  Louis is a family man—happily married and has a young daughter---He also loves the outside.Louis is a breath of fresh air as I have come to realize that there also financial planners around the globe who also focus on the emotional aspect of finance. Louis is great at what he does and does great work for so many folks in need.

For more about Louis and the great work he does, please follow him here---www.louiscfp.comPlease feel free to pass this podcast on to any friends, family members or colleagues.  

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