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Modern Widows Club with Carolyn Moor


Episode 42: Modern Widows Club with Carolyn Moor

In today's episode, I have the distinct pleasure of introducing Carolyn Moor. Carolyn needs no introduction as she is very well known even before this podcast. She is the founder and director of the Modern Widows Club. Carolyn's organization grew out of 11 years of widowhood and the figuring out of resources on her own. Since 2011, her organization is known worldwide and helps widows immensely. Her website is https://modernwidowsclub.org/. This organization helps to transform grief after loss into a positive, purposeful future while embracing your (widow's) own strength and courage. Basically, widows are helping and mentoring other widows. Carolyn is a very accomplished and a sought after writer, speaker, woman of the year... and the list goes on. More importantly she is a mother who raised two daughters on her own after the death of her husband in 2000. I want to highlight her organization because of not only Carolyn's passion, but the tremendous good it brings to widows around the world. She has too many resources to list, but here are a few:

Modern Widows Club-https://modernwidowsclub.org

Widow Empowerment School of Thought- courses/ webinars/ videos https://courses.modernwidowsclub.org

MWC Events-https://modernwidowsclub.org/hope/events

MWC Community-https://modernwidowsclub.org/communities

MWC Activities and Clubs-https://modernwidowsclub.org/grow-resources

MWC Shop & HOPE Gift Box for Widows-https://modernwidowsclub.org/shop

Email: support@modernwidowsclub.org

Call: 844-4- A WIDOW

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