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Putting A Home To Rest

Insights on Grief

I recently came upon a valuable resource that is normally only available to large companies settling estates.  This resource essentially puts the home to rest.  What I mean is that when a loved one has passed on there may be a home that may need to be dealt with.  Many grievers do not want to deal with the contents of the home.  I have located a company that will do this for you.  In my personal experience, I had to deal with the daunting task of figuring out what to do with the contents of my parents’ home.  While this was therapeutic for me, it may not be for most.  I also had the luxury of living in the same city as my parents and chose to go through the contents of my folks’ home as a way to griever and bring closure. 

In my professional experience, I have come to understand that many grievers are limited in time, the ability, location or want to clear out the contents of a loved one’s home.  The name of the resource I am referring to is Long World Services.  longworldservices.com  They will essentially go to the home no matter where it is in the US to help clear out the contents.    

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