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Setting Healthy Boundaries Before & After Grief


Episode 20: Setting Healthy Boundaries Before & After Grief

In this week's episode I am going to discuss "Setting Healthy Boundaries," both as someone in grief and an advisor helping a client in grief. I am going to draw on my formal training and education as a hospice volunteer with regard to  the area of setting therapeutic boundaries. I am also going to draw on a few personal examples of how I realized my boundaries were becoming violated and how I reacted in the spirit of self preservation.

As an individual in grief you many not be as astute as you once were because you are dealing with a traumatic life-altering transition. Through my use of  examples and information, my hope is that you have a baseline of setting healthy therapeutic boundaries. I am also going to leave you with concrete strategies going forward for "Setting Healthy Boundaries."  I will provide examples of violating our personal space.

I will provide  examples of how an advisor may unknowingly blur the lines of healthy boundaries.

I will provide examples of  consequences of poor boundaries.

Finally, I will leave you with strategies for maintaining healthy therapeutic boundaries.

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