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Sibling Loss, Effects and the Far Reaching Impact


Episode 46: Sibling Loss, Effects & the Far Reaching Impact 

In this week's episode, I touch on a subject matter not broadly discussed--Sibling Loss.
I discuss this subject from the point of view of my own children and that of two dear friends who have also lost a child.

This is a sensitive topic, which forced me out of my comfort zone. Through my discovery, there are clear signs siblings display during their struggles with grief. I located a fantastic website that discussed in detail the signs and impact on a sibling who has lost a brother or sister. Please note that this website is limited to supporting children ages 3-8, however, the advice is impactful for children of all ages.   https://raisingchildren.net.au/school-age/connecting-communicating/tough-topics/sibling-death-supporting-children-3-8-years

I also discuss ways that parents can identify and help their children through a tragic loss.

I discuss the financial impact and have received a lot of questions regarding life insurance on children. My advice is that everyone's situation is different and to speak to your financial planner.  

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