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Terminal Illness (and Cancer)-Delivering News to Children


Episode 22: Terminal Illness (& Cancer) - Delivering News to Children

In this week's episode, I decided to talk about terminal illness, including cancer, as it relates to parents delivering the daunting news to children. I use my own personal example of when my folks delivered the news of my mother's cancer diagnosis. I present this information to you from that of a high school senior's perspective. In my research I have discovered that the tools and tips I have garnered apply to just about any age child. During the podcast, I will discuss very specific tips on delivering the news, catering to the child and helping form a community of support around that child and family alike. I would be remiss if I did not credit The  American Cancer Society for helping form my knowledge of discussing Terminal Illness with Children. The specific website is Cancer.org. This is a very difficult topic and not often talked about.    

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