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The Mindset of Resiliency: Inherited or Acquired


Season 5 - Episode1: The Mindset of Resiliency: Inherited or Acquired 

As we begin Season 5 with a bang, I have encountered so many strong, enduring and growth minded folks. In this episode I speak about Resilience. The power of resilience can be inherited and/or acquired. In my case, I gained resilience through a combination of both. Throughout this season you will hear me bring up the concept of Super Survivor. I was fortunate to be introduced both to the idea and some pretty dynamic Super Survivors. Some of the Super Survivor we meet have fought through financial despair to find joy in life again. In my research, I learned that I am also a Super Survivor. For this episode, I have decided to lay the groundwork for Resiliency first.  

  1. Focus on the Positive
  2. Cultivate Positive Thoughts
  3. Interpret Events Positively
  4. Behave Positively

Here is one last tip on the power of resiliency. It takes practice. Here is a resourceful website on building your resiliency. Thank you for listening and supporting the show.  


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