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Therapist Turned Financial Planner, Elizabeth Snyder, CFP®

Episode 44:Therapist Turned Financial Planner, Elizabeth Snyder, CFP ®  

In this week's episode, I am delighted to meet and introduce a marvelous lady with a ton of wisdom, perspective and life experience. Please meet Liz Snyder, CFP®.  Liz is a former therapist, turned financial planner. I love her gentle disposition and the way she helps clients, unlike any other financial planner I have met.

Liz really dives deep with her clients, understanding how their emotions impact financial decisions. She goes well beyond simple financial matters.

Liz also made reference to a terrific organization that helps children who have lost a parent https://www.our-treehouse.org/

You can find more about Liz and her firm at https://www.trailfp.com/

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