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Trauma: Racism and Discrimination


Season 6 - Episode 4:  Trauma: Racism and Discrimination

Greetings and welcome to Episode 4 of Season 6 - Racism and Discrimination.

I decided to reboot a previous episode on the subject.  As I have gotten older, and maybe wiser, I understand the traumatic effects of dealing with years of unsolicited biases due to the color of my skin.  

In this episode, I describe some horrible experiences I have had with racism and discrimination.  These experiences have been  both emotional and physically exhausting.  The trauma is constant as situations continue to manifest themselves.  I also realize my emotions heighten now that my sons have experienced some of the same slights I have faced.

I am gracious to have the right support systems in place to help me through many of these experiences.  

As  this is a podcast with a foundation of finance, I will also talk about the financial impacts of racism and discrimination.

As an ironic twist of fate, I have been recognized and requested  as a speaker on the subject of racism and discrimination.

 "There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."  -- Leonard Cohen

Cheers and Be Well!!

See you on the next episode.  

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