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Trauma Therapy - EMDR


Season 6 - Episode 6: Trauma Therapy - EMDR

In today's episode I want to talk about trauma therapy.  Specifically, one that I have experienced called EMDR. EMDR is short for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.

Let me describe EMDR is layman’s terms. Imagine walking past a grassy area and have no emotional response. Imagine, I walk by that same grassy area and my heart begins to race, I get anxious, I start to get very nervous, my mind starts racing and I start sweating.  To further extend this example -  imagine I was traumatized in a grassy area, assaulted, overt act of racism, accident, act of war, catastrophe, death, etc. Now you can begin to understand why I (anyone) would be triggered by walking by a grassy area. The effects of trauma evoke an uncontrolled emotional response unless there is a system in which to process those memories safely, with an outside perspective and desensitized. I am not a therapist and cannot recommend any type of therapy.  I can tell you about my experience and how I have been enriched.  I can tell you that seeking a professional helps for any traumatic life experience.

Here is the link mentioned in the podcast  Cleveland Clinic EMDR

I am an an open book at this juncture and realize that I open the door to talk about the things that may be holding others back from progressing.  

I hope you enjoy this episode.  Cheers!!

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