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What Style of Griever Are You?

During my  exploration of the grieving process I have come to understand that there are 2 styles of grievers. No one style is better than the other.   

1.  Intuitive Grievers--these type of grievers tend to experience grief as a deep feeling that must be expressed outward through conversation, group settings and emotions.  These grievers are likely to seek out support groups in order to align themselves with others who have similar experiences.  They are also likely to keep journals.   They tend to ask questions like: " Who can I talk to and get counsel about my feelings", "What literature can I read so that I know that I am not alone in my journey" and "Who can understand what I am going through". 

2.  Analytical Grievers--these type of grievers tend to experience grief in physical, cognitive and behavioral ways.  These grievers tend to face facts and take immediate action. They try to remain rational, objective and analyze the grieving process.  They are also more likely to go it alone.  They tend to store their emotions due to fear of interference with their analytics.  They tend to ask questions like:  "  What do I need to do to get through this", "What can I do to manage my grief and move on" and "What things can I do to keep my emotions in check so I am always clear headed".  

I learned that I lean more toward the intuitive side of the spectrum, with analytical tendencies.  It also true that more women lean toward the intuitive style and men tend to lean toward the analytical.  There is no right or wrong style of grieving.  However, letting your emotions out is always a good trait to have at any point of the process.